Care Packs for Christmas

23rd December 2019

This Christmas, Bunbury Forum has partnered with the South West Refuge.

To support women and children fleeing from domestic violence, Bunbury Forum has set up a collection point where customers can donate everyday essentials to South West Refuge.

From November 23 until Christmas Eve, Bunbury locals can head to the collection point outside Woolworths to contribute items such as toiletries, sanitary items, health and beauty products, toys, new clothing and books. These will then be bundled into care packs and donated to South West Refuge, who provide assistance to women and children escaping domestic or family violence in the South West region of Western Australia. 

Bunbury Forum Marketing Manager, Ashley Hastie, said, “Christmas is such an exciting time for many at the Centre and we love to celebrate with the South West community. We know, however, that it can also be one of the hardest times of the year for those experiencing family or domestic violence. We’re hoping that our customers can come together to assist South West Refuge with the incredible work they do in our community.”


During the 2016/2017 Christmas period, the Western Australia Police Force reported a significant increase in reported family violence. When compared to the daily average of the prior financial year, the number of tasks relating to police attendance for family violence increased by 26.8%. In terms of family violence incidents where children were present, the daily average number of incidents increased by 22.7% across the festive season.


South West Refuge CEO, Julie-ann Lorca, said, “When a woman, or women and children arrive at the Refuge, they usually have only the clothes they are wearing, so being able to provide those items that can make them feel a little more comfortable and afford them dignity is incredibly important. As well as the practical outcomes achieved through this wonderful support, women and children become aware that their community cares about them and wants to support them at a time when they are at their m ost vulnerable.”


In order to ensure the anonymity and safety of the women and children within the refuge, the address is not made publicly available. This makes it impossible for South West Refuge to receive physical goods donated by the community without designated donation points.


“Through the generosity and kindness of Bunbury Forum in partnership with our South West community, we are able to provide the basic day to day necessities that most of us take for granted. While as a not for profit organisation we are fortunate to receive Government funding, this does not provide us with the means to provide hygiene items, underwear, pyjamas, hairbrushes, etc. which are common use items for us. Without such donations and support we would be unable to provide the high level of support that we do.”


You can donate by dropping new goods at the donation point in front of Woolworths.